James C. Grundner Sr.

Originaly from the Buffalo, NY area. Blizzard survivor and Chicken Wing devourer. No they are NOT Buffalo Wings, they’re just Wings. I’ll take a bucket.

I am currently a Senior Developer at Mortgage Information Services in Cleveland, OH. Supporting legacy PHP code bases and planning system modernizations. Member of Northeast Ohio PHP Meetup

I have been the owner of jGrundner Web Development since 1997. Yes I remember php3, IE1, and Netscape.

I have been working with the members of True Aim Group and Dyrect Media Group for over a decade, building Enterprise Level Content Management Software (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Project Management solutions for many clients in the installation service industry.

Some of these clients included. Unitek Global Services, Installs Inc., Artistic Stairs, Forbes Homes. Helping build large data integration and interaction points with customers like Home Depot, Best Buy, DirectTv, DirectSat, Cox Communications, and TimeWarner.

I Specialize in Modern PHP and enjoy Symfony based frameworks like Silex and Slim. Sometimes I even roll my own. PostgreSql rocks. Vagrant rolls. I love my Macs and my Dachshund.

When I’m not coding? I’m jammin’ on my guitar. Composing, recording, and chillin’ like a rock star.