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A good programmer is always learning. A great programmer documents what they learn. Shares The Knowledge. 


I’ve tried a lot of tools and services over the years. Some great, others not so much. See what works and why.


People are always asking me what I think about products related to tech and development items. I could get brutally honest.

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The Single Responsibility Principle

The Single Responsibility Principle A class should have one, and only one, reason to change.– Robert C. Martin When we talk about reasons to change we are talking about business[…]

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SOLID principals of programming

What is SOLID SOLID is an acronym describing five basic design principles for writing good Object Oriented code. It is intended to make software designs more understandable and maintainable while[…]

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Slim-OO Part 6 – Debugging Made Easy

Part 6 – Debugging Made Easy Whoops! Whoops! We had an error and now we have to look at that ugly, fairly uninformative error page. How many times has that[…]

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Software Design & Development

Developing web-based software solutions. We build tools to integrate all of your enterprise level communications and data reporting systems. 


Web Presence Development

Nothing is more important to a business than getting in front of potential clients. To do this in the modern day and age you must have a presence on the internet. This is where we can help.