J. Grundner is, um…, under development

Computers are cool!

Yes, those everyday boxes, tablets, and phones that are such a pedestrian part of our everyday lives. Those little gadgets that we all take for granted. Those things are COOL!
From the very first time I fired up that slick new Apple 2e. Sliding in a 5 1/2 inch floppy to play “The Oregon Trail”. To building my first static website in HTML3.2. From building my first homegrown CMS with ASP 5, to wiring up my own framework in PHP 7. I thought it was cool.

Why? Because it’s one of the few things I’ve found that keeps making me feel like a student, keeps me feeling young. The more I figure out, the more there is to learn. The faster I learn the faster the industry changes.

I’ve been there in the trenches, shoveling concrete, inserting widget A into slot B on an assembly line, throwing steel in a fabrication shop. It becomes mindless and boring after a while. Just going through the motions waiting for your next coffee break. No offense to the people who do that for a living, you have my utmost respect, but it’s not for me.

I like learning, I like progressing, I’m always doing it. If I ever stopped learning and become stagnant I’d probably die. Like the headline says, I’m under development, just like this site, always.

So why this site? Well… Recently I was talking to some colleagues about my latest conquest in development, I believe it was creating Dependency Injected Services from scratch using containers and closures when someone said “Hey, why don’t you write a blog about all this cool stuff you’re doing”? And someone else said, “Yea, document it so you have an online record to reference… and so we can steal it later, haha”.

That got me thinking. Maybe I should write some of this stuff down? Of course, this Imposter Syndrome started to kick in as it always does in this profession. “I ain’t that good of a writer”. “No one wants to read my crap”. etc. Then I read a post someone tweeted about blogging… how to blog about code and give zero fucks. That changed my mind about everything.

So here it is. This blog is being written mostly for my own sanity so I don’t forget things and have a record to refer back to in six months when I forget how or why I did something. It may not always be the best. It may not even be right sometimes, but that’s the point of learning. It’s all cool, it’s a journey. If you stumble across this blog and happen to learn something along the way also, that’s even cooler. Because you know what…

Computers are cool!